Asking for the contribution of feature articles about “Advanced Materials Science in Bulk Nanostructured Metals”

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We are happy to inform you that our journal Materials Transactions (The Japan Institute of Metals) will publish a special issue on Advanced Materials
Science in Bulk Nanostructured Metals as December 2011 .

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Announcement:Structural metallic materials used in our society are generally polycrystals composed of crystallites or grains with different crystallographic orientations.  It is well known that decreasing the grain size of polycrystals leads to an improvement in mechanical properties of metals such as strength and toughness.  Grain refinement is therefore one of the most important strategies to control the mechanical properties of metals and alloys.  Severe plastic deformation and other new processes have been recently invented and well established to dramatically improve the properties of metals, enabling to produce bulk-scale metallic metals  having the average grain size smaller than 1  m, that is so-called "bulk nanostructured metals".  Bulk nanostructured metals are characterized by a high density of grain boundaries.  Since the grain boundaries interact with crystal defects such as dislocations, bulk nanostructured metals have potential to show properties significantly different from those in conventionally grained metals.  In fact, it has been found in many studies within the last decade that bulk nanostructured metals exhibit variout kinds of unexpected and surprising properties, beyond the traditional metallurgical knowledge. This special issue aims to collect recent studies on bulk nanostructured metals all over the world, including experimental, theoretical and computational simulation studies.  The following topics will be focused in particular:
(1) Materials Design in Bulk Nanostructured Metals
(2) Fabrication of Bulk Nanostructured Metals
(3) Structures in Bulk Nanostructured Metals
(4) Mechanical and Functional Properties in Bulk Nanostructured Metals

The editors hope that this special issue plays a significant role to establish an advanced materials science in bulk nanostructured metals. 

Topics:Nanostructured metals; Nanocrystalline metals; Ultrafine grained metals; Severe plastic deformation; Electrodeposition; Mechanical properties; Functional properties; Dislocation theory; Grain boundary engineering; Computational mechanics

Instruction of preparation

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