HOMEScope and General Outline

Scope and General Outline

Scope & Topics

The Bulk Nanostructured Metals (BNMs) are determined as the polycrystalline metallic materials composed of matrix grains or phases with sizes smaller than 1 µm.  The BNMs exhibit unique mechanical properties which are beyond our expectation.  We have been carrying out the BNM project supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan, since July 2010.  The aim of the project is to establish a novel and innovative research field in materials science through the study of Bulk Nanostructured Metals with a cutting-edge method in various research fields.  The final goal is to understand the mechanism of the unique mechanical properties of BNMs and to establish the ways of design for optimal structural metallic materials managing both strength and ductility/toughness. We expect to achieve it through close collaborations between world-wide researchers in various field.  Especially, the collaborations between experimentalists and theorists (including those studying computational simulations) are stressed in the project.  In addition, the project intends to involve many young researchers in order to enhance their international activities.  For more details of the projects, please visit the web site:

This time, we plan this international workshop on bulk nanostructured metals in the scheme of the BNM project, in which the latest results from the project as well as those from the groups outside the project are deeply discussed.  Internationally outstanding scientists in the field have kindly accepted to give invited talks in the workshop.  We believe that the workshop would be a valuable opportunity for the researchers, especially for young researchers, in this field to discuss their results with international experts and to progress their research activities.

The workshop involves all experimental, theoretical, and simulation works on bulk nanostructured metals.  Representative topics are listed below.

  • Processing and Fabrication of BNMs: severe plastic deformation, powder metallurgy, mechanical alloying, electro-deposition, etc.
  • Microstructures and nanostructures of BNMs
  • Mechanical Properties and Deformation Mechanisms of BNMs
  • Other Functional Properties of BNMs
  • Phase Transformations in BNMs
  • Novel Technologies for Analysis of BNMs

Oral Sessions

The oral sessions are composed of only invited lectures by international/domestic experts.  The details of the presentation including program, period of talk, and equipments will be notified to the invited speakers soon.

Poster Sessions

Contributed papers are welcome in the poster session.  Young researchers are especially enhanced to join the poster session.  Posters will be posted in a room next to the oral-session site throughout the workshop, during which the poster presenters can make discussions with other participants including invited speakers in front of their posters.  Poster awards will be prepared for the young researchers who give excellent presentations.  Ones who want to make presentations should submit abstract in the due course.

All the presentations and discussions in the workshop are done in English.

Workshop Schedule (tentative)

June 26 (Tuesday), 2012
17:00-19:00 Registration and Welcome Reception
June 27 (Wednesday), 2012
Opening Address & Oral Sessions
Poster Session & Oral Sessions
June 28 (Thursday), 2012
Oral Sessions
Oral Sessions
June 29 (Friday), 2012
Oral Sessions
Closing of the workshop

All the events except for the banquet are held in Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall.

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