HOMEPoster Session Award

Poster Session Award

Award Winners

In the poster session, three and six posters were selected to receive the gold award and silver award, respectively. Congratulations to the poster session award winners!

Gold Award

Name Affiliation Title of Poster
Si Gao (Student) Kyoto University “Yielding Behaviors and Hall-Petch Relationship in Pure Iron”
Satoshi Okubo (Student) Tokyo Institute of Technology “Low temperature creep behavior of ultrafine-grained Cu”
Yoshifumi Ikoma Kyushu University “Bulk Nanostructured Silicon Produced by High-Pressure Torsion”

Silver Award

Name Affiliation Title of Poster
Mitsuteru Yasunaga (Student) Kyushu University “Grain refinement and grain boundary control with low strain deformation and martensitic transformation in Ti-Ni shape memory alloy”
Akinobu Shibata Kyoto University “Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine-Grained Metastable Austenitic Steel Fabricated by Severe Plastic Deformation”
Fanqiang MENG University of Tsukuba “Anomalous Softening of Metallic Glass by High-Pressure Torsion Straining”
Wu Gong Japan Atomic Energy Agency “In-situ neutron diffraction study of bainite transformation after low-temperature ausforming for nanobainite steel”
Qingsong Mei National Institute for Materials Science “Different stages in the continuous microstructure evolution of copper deformed to ultrahigh plastic strains”
Jorge M. Cubero-Sesin Kyushu University “Fabrication of ultrafine grained Al-Fe alloys with high strength and good ductility by HPT and aging”