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Outline of Research

Expected Results

The object of study in conventional metallic materials science is polycrystalline metal composed of coarse grains and correspondingly rare grain boundaries. From this point of view, our project focused on BNMs is intended to establish a new research field which supplements the present knowledge by elucidating the basic physical properties and characteristics of BNMs. The expected achievements of this research will provide a large improvement to the fundamental understanding of BNM metallurgy and materials science, as well as a revolutionary impact on the structural materials used in our society. By establishing this new research field, not only will the engineering science be greatly benefited, but the related basic science field will also be involved and positively affected. Thus the academic standards of our nation will be enhanced and developed.

Metallic materials are extensively used and very important to our society. With low alloy composition and excellent properties, BNMs and their successful application will have significant positive effects on global issues such as environmental protection, energy usage, safety, and sustainable development.

Fig.4 BNM-Aluminum As Strong As Iron
Fig.4 BNM-Aluminum As Strong As Iron

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